Tips for Summer Hair Care

Summer brings tacky, oily and dull hair days. Your hair needs special care and attention from you. The warm, hot , humid weather makes the scalp flaky and tacky with oil.

A good summer hair care routine, which includes proper hair care products, hair foods and masks can help you keep your hair healthy as well as silky. Your hair is in the best condition when you take care of it naturally.

Natural hair rules, thai summer! This is a perfect season to enjoy the benefits of natural beauty. Here are some points that can help you protect your hair from sun, heat and humidity.

How To Take Care of Your Hair in Hot Weather?

  • Swap the Mask with Summer Hair Masks
  • Trim Hair if Necessary
  • Must Use Hair Serum
  • Wash Hair Properly and On Time
  • Don’t Use a Dirty Comb
  • Using Different Sun Protection for Hair
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Cover Up Your Hair

Always try to use a hair cap or heat protection when heading out in the sun. This acts as a barrier between the sun rays and hair. The hair cap will protect your scalp from UV rays and also help you retain the moisture. People who have color-treated hair should try to maximize the use of a scarf or hair cap.

Wash Less Often

If you are someone who washes hair frequently, please avoid it. Regular washing of hair can rinse off the natural oil from your hair and make them weak. Try using natural shampoo and less chemicals on your scalp. You can also use a mixture of shikakai and reetha to wash your hair instead of shampoo.

Go For Loose Hair Styles

Do not make tight ponytails or use too many styling tools on your hair. A loose braid making is enough to minimize the exposure of your hair to sunlight.

Reduce the Heat

Do not blow dry your hair until it’s really necessary. Summers already bring in a lot of heat, blow dry will make your hair more dry. Give your hair dryer a break during summers. Avoid hair straighteners or hair curlers which can damage your hair a lot. Go for sleek hair styles that can help you prevent hair frizz.

Natural Hair Spray

Make a mixture of aloe juice, water and avocado oil. Keep it in a bottle and spray it whenever you feel your hair is becoming dry. Another best option is mixing argan oil with water.

Yes To Conditioner

You can rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar , use a diluted solution. This would act as a natural conditioner. You can also use some coconut oil or shea butter which can help you lock your moisture. This will add shine to your hair and make it lustrous too. You should also go for deep conditioning once a week so that your hair gets the extra care and nourishment.

Add Some Sunscreen

There are different shampoos which promise for UV protection, some of them are chemical and some conventional. One of the easiest ways to have sun protection for your hair is running your hands on the hair post applying sunscreen on your body.

Go For a Hot Oil Rinse

There are few oils such as olive, coconut and avocado which are good at penetrating the scalp. Shampoo your hair in a regular way, starting from ends to roots. Rinse it normally and then condition it. Your hair would be rejuvenated and healthy.

Go For a Wide-tooth Comb

Try not to brush your hair when it is wet, it will break a lot. Wide tooth are most useful when it comes to untangling hair.

Avoid Stress

Stress can cause you a lot of hair loss, it is one of the main reasons why people suffer hair fall. You should avoid taking unnecessary steps or practice yoga to be stress free. Try to be stress free as much as possible. Do not let stress take over you as it can be one of the main factors of hair fall.

Drink Lot of Fluids

While taking care of hair, it is mandatory that you drink enough water and maintain a proper balanced diet. Try to make it a practice that you drink water regularly and stay hydrated . Have proper meals and fluids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different ways to take care of hair in summer?
You can always go for a homemade hair care mask such as egg, yogurt, banana mask etc. These hair masks will help you get back the moisture of your hair.

Q. What do you mean by a Good Hair Care Routine?
A good hair care routine is nothing but cleansing, conditioning, and protecting. Whenever you wash your hair make sure you use a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum. Go for oiling the hair a day prior to shampoo.

Q. Why should I use hair caps or scarfs while going out?
You should cover your hair with a scarf or cap because it would act as a barrier between the hair and the sun rays. You can also go for UV protection creams.

Q. What are the different ways to Keep Hair Moisturized In The Summer?
Always apply hair conditioner while you shampoo. This would lock the moisture and help your hair from becoming dry.

Q. How to treat sweaty hair?
Rose water is the best solution to treat sweaty hair. Make sure you rinse your hair with rose water at least twice a day. It can help you remove excess oil from your hair scalp. It would also add a natural fragrance to your hair scalp.

Q. What are the natural things that can be a part of a hair care routine?
Use of curd, banana, fenugreek can be a part of your hair care routine. Such ingredients can act as a natural hair cleanser and conditioner too.

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