How Ayurveda Helps You To Gain Weight Naturally?

Have you been struggling to gain weight without any medicines or supplements? Ayurveda has been helping people in various aspects, and has proven to be one of the ways where one can gain weight naturally. It offers individuals natural ways from the environment to enhance your body and the ability for consumption of the nutrients.

More often, Ayurvedic weight loss or gain is associated with vata-related disorders. Ayurveda defines optimal weight as the weight which is determined less by numbers and more by an individual’s constitution. Since ages, ayurveda has been offering several strategies for caring for the body. It does not only look beyond the symptom of being underweight but also assesses the core reason which is driving the imbalances.

The entire process of Ayurveda will help you support your body physically, mentally as well as emotionally. This process does not require you to eat unhealthy or healthy food, it emphasises on the importance of eating deeply nourishing food. This would balance your digestive fire so that all the nutrients get absorbed by your body.

It also addresses different aspects of issues such as lifestyle, stress and emotional discord. One can feel the positivity towards the body which gym or weight loss supplements fail to give.

Let’s See What Ayurveda Has Got To Say on an Individual Being Underweight

One of the basic principles of Ayurveda states that the way increases like, similarly opposites balance.

The condition of excessive weight loss and being underweight are vata disorders. In Sanskrit, vata is defined as light, mobile, clear, dry, rough and subtle. All the factors are considered to be reducing or lightening in nature. As per the best treatment, one can emphasise the building and nourishing qualities that best pacify vata.

Body’s ability to digest the nutrients is also important. If the body fails to receive nourishment, the strategy alone would not be sufficient.

Some of the Ways For Gaining Weight Ayurvedically Have Been Listed Below:

Herbs For Gaining Weight

Ayurveda says that the consumption of herbs is more beneficial. As per the situation and goals, one can start to include herbs in their food routine. Listed below are some of the herbs, that are ideal for weight consumption:

  • Triphala
  • Yashtimadhu
  • Ashwagandha
  • Chyawanprash

These herbs have substantive nourishing power that can help an individual to gain weight. For example, if we consider Ashwagandha, it is one of the key ingredients in Ashwagandha Lehyam. This is primarily used for muscle strength but one can also use it for weight gain.

Creating an Ayurvedic Diet Plan

While the therapies can be supportive of building the body, the diet also matters. In normal day today life also, it’s important how and when we eat as what we eat. The dietary adjustments will encourage proper digestion of the food you eat.

Make a Vata Diet For Weight Gain

A vata diet is a diet that has all the properties which will support the building. Vata diet has foods that are grounding, warm, smooth, oily, stabilizing and also substantive.

Staying Hydrated

Having a hydrating body is very important for the body. Insufficient hydration can dry up and deplete the fat tissue in the body. Drinking a lot of fluids, warm fluids can help your body retain moisture and stay hydrated.

If your body is hydrated, the metabolic pathways will function more effectively and can also help you improve your nutrient absorption. It is always suggested that you have enough water as soon as you wake up. Try having 3-4 cups of warm water in an empty stomach. All the natural toxins produced during sleep flushes and it helps you awaken the digestive capacity.

You should also be mindful that you are drinking enough water, having hot fluids, and herbal tea in the middle of your daily chores.

Ayurvedic Self-Oil Massage for Weight Gain

Applying oil to the body is a self-loving process, it rejuvenates your body. It calms down your body and helps you relax.

In ancient times, Abhyanga was a process which calmed the nervous system and rejuvenated the tissues through healthy circulation. The oil forms a protective sheath around the body, which protects you from disruptive energies.

As a healthy practice, before you go for a shower massage your body with half a cup of warm organic oil. Massaging your feet with warm oil can also serve as an alternative practice in the abhyanga.

It is also advisable that one has a proper sleep routine as sleep is the best way of rejuvenating and nourishing your body.

Ghee, Another Remedy For Weight Gain

Ghee is a natural fat and is added to most of the weight gain regime. As it is one of the most effective remedies for weight gain, it helps you boost appetite, support agni and pacify the vasta dosha. It’s advisable that one makes it a practice to have a spoon of ghee in either of the meals daily. The best time to eat ghee is during meals or before meals.

Practicing Yoga Daily

Yoga is one of the best ways to rejuvenate tissues, remove toxins, make the body flexible and also cleanse metabolic pathways. It offers both the advantage of mental as well as physical wellness.

Nadi Shodhana, i.e, performing alternate nostril breathing can help you soothe your nervous system. Your body attains a calmness and helps you relax your muscles.

Final Words

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “knowledge for life” and the entire process revolves around improving lifestyle, wellness and making sustainable changes. No matter whether you are underweight inherently or trying to reset your body after deliberating illness, healthy weight gain is possible with the help of ayurveda. Ayurveda can also help you gain the best lifestyle.