Tips to Maintain Healthy Black Hair

The type of hair a person has can make them look 10 times younger or 20 years older. Healthy hair is important for your appearance and overall hygiene. Having great looking hair is an instant confidence booster. Being a good indicator, when your body receives enough nutrients and vitamins, it reflects in your hair condition. If you’re not getting enough protein or iron, your hair may seem dry, frizzy or dull. Good hair makes a world of difference. And if you wish to keep your hair nice and healthy, you need to maintain it. Here are some things you can do to maintain your hair’s health and keep it looking good for as long as possible:

  1. Wash Your Hair Regularly – A regular wash will help in maintaining the hygiene and quality of your hair. For an average person, you should wash your hair after every 2-3 days (depending on the texture of hair).
  2. Comb It –  It is recommended to use a wide-tooth brush to avoid damaging your hair when wet. You should comb your hair gently, twice a day. Avoid starting from the roots, start brushing your hair from the bottom and in upward direction. It will be easier to entangle and will reduce hair breakage.
  3. Hydration – Water not only affects your body but also the health of your hair. You need to stay hydrated for a healthier scalp, drinking water from time to time will help in reducing the chances of dryness of your hair and make it stronger.
  4. Nutritional Food – You need to eat healthy to stay healthy. And that applies to every part of your body. By simply avoiding junk food and adding up a decent amount of vitamins and nutritional food in your diet, a lot of your hair problems can be easily solved. Vegetables and fruits like carrot, spinach, peach, strawberries, siwi, etc and fish, nuts, eggs are some of the examples of food with vitamins and nutrients which will help in reducing hair fall, making your hair stronger.
  5. Trim Your Hair –  By regularly trimming your hair (about ¼ of an inch )for about every 2 months, you help in treating the split ends and hair breakage. It will help in maintaining healthy hair.
  6. Choosing a Good Shampoo – A no-brainer. Choosing the right hair products for your hair including a good shampoo which doesn’t include harsh chemicals, sulphates, artificial hardeners, synthetic colourants or artificial pigments that will harm the health of hair, is very important.
  7. Do Not Forget the Conditioner – Conditioning of hair is used for treating the split ends. Apply it from the mid-length of the hair to the bottom then rinse and towel-dry so that the hair absorbs the conditioner. Deep conditioning makes hair stronger.
  8. Oil – Regular oiling before shampooing will help in improving dry and frizzy hair. You need to choose the correct oil according to your hair suitability. After oiling, leave your hair at least for an hour before you shampoo. For better results you can cover your hair with a warm towel which will allow the scalp pores to open up and absorb the oil. A scalp massage with fingertips will be great for nourishment of hair.

Over styling and over exposure to heat may damage the hair should be prevented. Hair masks can be used from time to time for better and healthy hair. Follow a hair care routine that suits you for great looking healthy and shiny black hair that will stay with you for a long time..

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