Face Scrub and it’s Benefits

When it comes to happy skin exfoliation is a must. In the skin care regimen, face scrubs are at the top and they help you get rid of dead sin. After a tiring day, it’s one single product that can help you get back some shine to the face. Moreover the way you scrub leaves a great impact on your skin. Proper scrubbing can help you layer up your skin products well. Too much scrubbing can also lead to skin irritation and redness.

What is a Face Scrub?

A face scrub is a skincare product which is used to exfoliate the skin. All the dead skin cells get removed, which lessens the chances of breakouts. Exfoliation has been a constant part of skin care routine since ancient times. Ingredients such as sugar, honey, coffee have been used for exfoliation in every day to day life.

How to Use a Face Scrub

  • Step 1: Start by cleaning your face. Rinse your face with clean water and do not pat dry.
  • Step 2: Take a considerate amount of facial scrub in your hand and apply it.
  • Step 3: Apply this facial scrub on your wet face.
  • Step 4: Now, by gently applying less pressure, start rubbing the scrub on your face. With the help of fingers you can rub the scrub in a circular motion.
  • Step 5: It is important that you always massage your face upwards and focus on areas like the top and corner of your nose, cheeks and upper part of the lips.
  • Step 6: Now continue the massage for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Step 7: Now for another 10 seconds, move to your neck and under the chin and massage.
  • Step 8: Once you are done with exfoliating, wash your face with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Step 9: Gently pat your face dry using a soft towel and apply moisturizer.

Let’s dig in more in order to understand about the scrub and its benefits.

What are the Various Reasons Why One Should Use a Face Scrub?

A face scrub helps you in exfoliating your skin. It plays an important role in removing the dead skin cells which can block the pores of your skin. Some of the main reasons for skin issues are dirt, dust and excess sebum.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons which can lead to inflammations and pigmentations. A face scrub can be useful in this.

Necessary Points To Keep in Mind While Scrubbing

Scrubbing being an essential part of skin care routine, also calls for some extra dos and don’ts. Scrubbing too much can also cause your skin harm. Although skin care is important, there are several points that one must keep in mind.

Do’s While Face Scrubbing

  1. Make Sure That You Wash Your Face Properly Before You Go Scrubbing – Always start washing your face with a good face wash and then go for a face scrub.
  2. After the Process of Scrubbing is Done, Apply a Hydrating or Nourishing Face Mask – You can go with a good mask or gel once you finish scrubbing. This helps the skin absorb the goodness of your scrub and mask in the best possible way.
  3. The Right Face Scrub –  Try to get your hands on a face scrub that is designed for your skin type. Choosing the right face scrub can help with additional moisturization and different other skin issues too.
  4. Dry Skin – If you are someone who has face scrubs which are of creamy texture. Make sure you exfoliate your skin just a week, as excess scrubbing can remove the natural oil from your face.
  5. Oily and Combination Skin – For people who have oily and combination skin, make sure that you use face scrubs which have flower and fruit extracts present in them. The natural fruit ingredients will help you combat the excess oil produced by your face.
  6. Sensitive Skin – Sensitive people can also use face scrubs. Try to avoid too many chemical face scrubs. Also, make sure you use a patch test before you apply anything on your sensitive skin.
  7. Keeping Your Face Hydrated – Moisturize your skin with a hydrating moisturizer after using a scrub to replenish its lost hydration and moisture barrier.

Don’ts While Face Scrubbing

  1. Try Staying Away From Sunlight  – Try your best that you do not expose your skin to sunlight directly. When you scrub your face your skin becomes sensitive. Do not skip your sunscreen even while you are indoors. Apply it every 3 hours, this adds an extra layer of protection to your skin.
  2. Frequency  – Scrubbing daily is not a good thing for skin. You should use a face scrub only once a month or once in two weeks. Otherwise, it would lead to extreme dryness on your skin. The natural moisture of the skin can strip off if you have a daily practice of scrubbing. To compensate for the dryness of skin it can have excessive sebum production in your skin resulting in more acne
  3. Duration  – Rubbing your face for a long time can harm your skin. If you continue to scrub your skin for too long it can dry your skin and secrete more oil. This could also lead to acne.
  4. Steam  – Face becomes too sensitive post scrubbing. Avoid steam if you have already done face scrubbing. It could also lead to breakouts and acne. Thus, scrubbing is not a good idea.
  5. Gentle Scrubs  – Avoid using physical scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Scrubs containing AHA’s or BHA are the best to use on your face.
  6. Wounded Skin  – If your skin has any kind of scratches, burns or wounds on it, do not go for scrubbing. Allow it to heal instead. By scrubbing you might have irritation and the heal will also not cure.

Final Thoughts

Exfoliating the skin is a good practice, and must be done at least once a week.

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