About us

In the world of organic cosmetics, Khadi Vedic Veda, a renowned brand, can proudly trace its origins back to 1990. Khadi Vedic Veda has come to be associated with purity and authenticity thanks to its ambition to unite the values of tradition, sustainability, and natural beauty. Khadi Vedic Veda perpetuates the illustrious tradition of Indian handcraft and encourages environmentally friendly practices as an associate of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), a department of the Indian government.

KVIC Affiliation and Government Support

By joining the KVIC, Khadi Vedic Veda is demonstrating its dedication to advancing the values of Khadi and the well-being of rural artisans. In India, the KVIC, an independent agency under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), is essential in fostering the growth of the Khadi and village industries. This partnership guarantees that Khadi Vedic Vedal upholds the highest standards of quality and helps rural artisans and craftspeople maintain sustainable livelihoods.

Panchal Sewa Sansthan is the Parent Company

The Panchal Sewa Sansthan is responsible for overseeing Khadi Vedic Veda. The parent firm, which was founded in 1990, has a long history of promoting social advancement, rural development, and economic empowerment. Panchal Sewa Sansthan emphasises using sustainable methods for artisans and local communities to thrive, preserving and promoting indigenous skills and traditions.

Dedicated to Sustainability and Tradition

Khadi Vedic Veda takes great pleasure in its steadfast dedication to heritage and sustainability. Khadi Vedic Veda produces a variety of organic cosmetics that are not only opulent but also ecologically sustainable by fusing traditional knowledge with cutting-edge methods. The company uses traditional production techniques and only uses natural ingredients to make sure that every product is filled with the goodness of nature.

Encouragement of Ethical Beauty

In order to be ethical, beauty products must not only be safe and effective but also made in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible, according to Khadi Vedic Veda. Khadi Vedic Veda reduces its carbon impact, helps local communities, and works towards a cleaner future by upholding sustainable practices.

Embracing Authenticity and High Standards

Customers all across the world have come to trust and remain loyal to Khadi Vedic Veda because of its dedication to quality and authenticity. To guarantee that every product satisfies the highest requirements, it goes through thorough quality inspections. For people looking for pure, natural, and efficient organic cosmetics, Khadi Vedic Veda delivers a distinctive and fulfilling experience by embracing the spirit of Khadi and maintaining traditional workmanship.

With its ties to the famous KVIC and operation under the direction of Panchal Sewa Sansthan, Khadi Vedic Veda has become a market leader in the field of natural cosmetics. Khadi Vedic Veda captures the essence of natural goodness with an emphasis on tradition, sustainability, and ethical beauty. Customers who purchase from Khadi Vedic Veda support the preservation of Indian culture, the well-being of rural craftsmen, and the drive for a greener, more sustainable future. Visit the official websites of the KVIC at https://www.kvic.gov.in/kvicres/aboutkvic.php and the Ministry of MSME at https://msme.gov.in/ for further information.